Friday, December 26, 2014
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Report: City cops should be fired if they engage in 'code of silence'
Image Chicago cops should face mandatory firing when they engage in the so-called “code of silence,” according to a nearly two-year study of the department’s disciplinary process...
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"Crime can happen in any community at any time and anybody can become a victim.

I pray that who ever did that to the Mayor's son gets caught, gets a fair trial and I pray that his son listens to the wise counsel of his father, because he cares about public safety for everyone including his son and family.

I'm speaking as a father, who supports the Mayor and understands the importance of spending quality time with his family."
Mayor Emanuel’s son, 17, mugged outside of Chicago family home
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Dr Boyce Watkins: NYPD uses officers’ deaths to bolster its war against black people
The tragic deaths of New York Police Department Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were painful for nearly all of us. I feel an even greater sadness than most because my own father was on the police force in my hometown of Louisville, KY for over 25 years. As the nation is fighting against the pain of police brutality and terror, these shootings remind us of the respect that many of us have for good police officers who put their lives on the line every day for public safety...
"While sitting in the barber shop where there isn't a generational gap, conversations dealing with women, sports and politics, everyone has an opinion and accepts constructive criticism (those are the unwritten rules understood by all participants).

Dealing with what was missing in the news media in reference to Black on Black and White Cops on Blacks Senseless Shootings and Killings, was the fact that the States Attorneys in all the cases across America were biased in seeking indictments.

If a Black officer uses excessive force he is indicted. More Black officers are indicted then White officers. Therefore, many of us have come to the conclusion that the States Attorneys' offices inclusive of the Cook County States Attorney's office needs to be investigated because it is a clear pattern of racism and selective prosecution." 
Volunteer Cop Resigns After Racist YouTube Comments Are Exposed
Image Aaron McNamara, an auxiliary officer with the Fairview Park Police Department outside Cleveland, resigned after two years’ worth of YouTube comments—which included calling for the “extermination” of all black people—came to light.
"The purpose of the Bradley Report is to inform the public, to engage them in conscious thought and to share the fact that we all have to do our part to turn the tide against Senseless violence and injustice.

I share this story because it is very important to know the culture and mindset of those who are now being allowed to be on the police forces across America. What gangs or social organizations were in the neighborhoods where they grew up?"

I agree with this Gentleman, for the record I'm against Senseless Shootings and Killings of Anyone by Anybody.

The media station that put that LIE out there that they created as if,  the protesters at the March in Washington were saying KILL THE POLICE should be held responsible!

If anybody else get killed by the police and the young lady should sue the station for lying on her and putting her life in danger and her freedom jeopardy. 
Baltimore News Station Appears to Have Selectively Edited Video of Protesters to Not Include Entire Chant — Here’s What Wasn’t Shown (UPDATED)
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Off duty, black cops in New York feel threat from fellow police
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Hillary Clinton: “Black Lives Matter”
Image Even though she hasn’t announced her candidacy, Hillary Clinton is a presumed Democratic candidate candidate for president in 2016. With that in mind, many political observers noted thatHillary-Clinton-12 Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a favorite of the Democratic left, captured a good deal of political momentum by opposing a recent spending bill which included special favors for Wall Street...
"I'm with Hillary... African-American Women please Stand with the Woman!"
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Patterson Bumped From Mayoral Ballot
Dr. Willie Wilson, himself the subject of a signature challenge, is not yet officially on the Feb. 24 ballot...
"I support the Mayor and I'm in agreement with him, Challenging your opponents petitions with the purpose of knocking them off the ballot are rules of engagement.

The focus is winning in Chicago's greatest sport. Race has nothing to do with it. Willie Wilson knocked an African-American off the ballot.

Frank Avila his lawyer would probably call that, a Black on Black crime."
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