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UNITED IN PEACE, Inc NFP 501 (c) 3 CHICAGO, IL $35 of $45k Raised by 2 people in 7 days Donate Now Share on Facebook 52 TOTAL SHARES 47 5 Created February 11, 2015 Wallace Bradley I'm a former gang enforcer, ex-felon who received a Pardon from former Illinois Governor Jim Thompson, Political Consultant, Urban Translator, Motivational Speaker and Author and President of UNITED IN PEACE, Inc
Update: One person shot in Murphysboro...
Updated at 4:55 p.m. — Thomas Watson, 34, of Chicago was shot at the King-Wills Apartments in the 300 block of Seventh Street in Murphysboro about 12:50 p.m. Wednesday, according to a release from the Murphysboro Police Department. Sgt. Edward Reiman of the Murphysboro Police said Watson was taken by ambulance to St. Joseph Memorial Hospital and later flown by helicopter to a hospital in St. Louis. Murphysboro Police have Lamarcus Spillers, 19, of Murphysboro in custody. Police said Spillers is a resident of the apartment complex.
Click Here To See Article Wallace "Gator" Bradley The Urban Translator Says,
My Prayer goes out to GOD on behalf of my son Thomas and I give thanks to GOD for allowing the police to arrest the one who shot him...

I ask that no one retaliate, because VENGENCE BELONGS TO GOD" TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

Attorney Elliot Zinger of Elliot Zinger, PC and Wallace "Gator" Bradley, Urban Translator and President of the United In Peace, Inc. organization discuss the national, wrongfully convicted cases dilemma and the great work that the States Attorneys Integrity Units are doing nationwide inclusive of Cook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez.

As a matter of fact, Illinois is now one of the three leading States in exonerating wrongfully convicted men and women, to date. Mark Maxson, a man who has been imprisoned for 23 years in the case of the murder and rape of a young boy wherein blood evidence at the scene of the crime was tested. The results excluded both he and the victim, yet he was convicted and imprisoned all this time. We look forward to the re-opening of the case for DNA testing (Which was non-existent 23 years ago) to help determine not only Maxson's plausible innocence, but who the real killer(s) was and is.

Attorney Zinger represents many of the Jon Burge Torture victims who were also wrongfully convicted and robbed of more than 25 years of their lives. Now due to DNA testing and the commitment of the States Attorney's and there Conviction Integrity Units, these wrongfully convicted victims of a corrupt system have hope that they may be exonerated and return to society to re-establish relationships and live whatever life they have left.

If you or a loved-one has been wrongfully convicted of a crime, feel free to contact Attorney Elliot Zinger at: 312. 782. 9464 To contact Wallace Gator Bradley the Urban Translator Call:
312. 371. 6914
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Sneed exclusive: Toni Preckwinkle fielding candidate against Anita Alvarez...

Sneed has learned that powerful Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is on the hunt for a new Cook County state’s attorney.

It’s called a Foxx hunt.

• Translation: Sneed is told that Preckwinkle, who wields tremendous power in the black community, is intent on unseating Dem femme Anita Alvarez.

Sneed is told Toni the tiger is positioning her chief of staff, Kimberly Foxx, as a possible Alvarez replacement. Foxx, a former Cook County assistant state’s attorney who worked for Alvarez in the juvenile justice bureau, was raised by a single mother in the Cabrini-Green housing project.
She is a graduate of Southern Illinois University and SIU’s law school. Three top Sneed sources claim Preckwinkle is intent on replacing Alvarez, with whom she is at odds over the automatic transfer of some juveniles to adult court, based on their crimes. “Toni is not a fan of Anita’s — I can assure you,” said a source close to Preckwinkle, who thinks the rule, which sends all juvenile defendants charged with first-degree murder, sexual assault or armed robbery to adult court without a judge’s input, overwhelmingly affects minority kids.
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Rahm Emanuel to propose ordinance to boost jobs through construction contract incentives...

An ordinance Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to propose — two weeks before the mayoral election — gives a nod to the long-simmering complaint by black community leaders that their neighborhoods rarely benefit from jobs and the economic impact of construction projects there, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

Co-sponsored by City Council Budget Committee Chairman Ald. Carrie Austin (34th), the Project Area-based Subcontractor Ordinance seeks to spur jobs by offering incentives to prime contractors on city construction to hire subcontractors from the project’s neighborhood. The bid preference initiative, to be introduced at the next City Council meeting on March 18, mirrors similar ordinances on the books that already offer those incentives to prime contractors who subcontract with city of Chicago firms.

“There are construction projects taking place in all neighborhoods of the city. This incentive is a way that these communities can benefit from the economic impact and jobs created by these projects,” Austin said. The ordinance would shave from .5 percent to 2 percent off the bid price submitted by any prime contractor partnering with neighborhood firms — essentially bringing their bid even lower and increasing the likelihood of a prime contractor coming in as the lowest bidder. Under the ordinance, qualifying subcontractors must be sited in, operate in and hire a majority of its work force from the community the project is in.

“This incentive encourages businesses to reinvest in city neighborhoods and stimulate the local economy where projects are taking place,” said Emanuel, who is seeking re-election on Feb. 24.
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Exonerated man files $40 million lawsuit against Northwestern University...

A wrongfully convicted man filed a $40 million lawsuit on Tuesday against Northwestern University, a former journalism professor, a private investigator and an attorney, accusing them of framing him for a double murder to get another man released. Alstory Simon, 64, of Ohio, claims in the lawsuit that he was the victim of unethical tactics by a team focused on freeing another man in what became a celebrated Illinois wrongful conviction case.

Simon was imprisoned in 1999 after confessing to the 1982 murder of two people in a park, and spent more than 15 years behind bars before he was exonerated on Oct. 30, when prosecutors decided his confession was coerced. Simon "has endured and will continue to endure immense and immeasurable, emotional and physical, pain and suffering, all of which was proximately caused by defendants' misconduct," said the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Illinois.

Another man, Anthony Porter, was originally convicted of the murders, and sentenced to death but was released after Simon's confession. Porter's release was an early victory for Innocence Project programs that work to overturn wrongful convictions. His and other cases eventually spurred Illinois to abolish the death penalty.
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Politicians stand by Jackie Robinson West players...

Politicians from the White House to City Hall reacted to the Jackie Robinson West Little League team getting stripped of its national title Wednesday, taking pains to praise the players whose success last summer brought the city together.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that President Barack Obama is proud of how the Jackie Robinson West Little League Team represented Chicago and the country, and that "some dirty dealing by some adults doesn't take anything away from the accomplishments of those young men." The team visited the president and first lady at the White House last Nov. 6.
Earnest said the president invited the team to the White House to "celebrate the accomplishment of those young men and the performance that they….delivered on a pretty large stage." Mayor Rahm Emanuel released a statement highlighting the impact the team's achievements had on Chicagoans.

"These remarkable boys brought our entire city together and reminded all Chicagoans how important it is to support our children," Emanuel said in the statement. "They created memories that will last a lifetime and nothing will take that away, and they showed the nation their character both on and off the field. The city remains united in its support of these great children and in our hearts, they will always be champions in Chicago." lRelated Jackie Robinson West players' eligibility examined again Breaking Sports Jackie Robinson West players' eligibility examined again See all related 8 Mayoral candidate Bob Fioretti said the players "should hold their heads high. It is unfortunate that the grown-ups didn't follow directions and now the team members are paying the price.

In that, there is a lesson for all of us to play fair and follow the rules." And candidate Jesus "Chuy" Garcia said he was "sad to see the young athletes of Jackie Robinson West punished so harshly. The kids played their hearts out and did nothing wrong. I support the Jackie Robinson West players and their families at this difficult time."

"These are just 2 of the many reasons that I support 34th Ward Carrie M Austin for Re-Election February 24, 2015."

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Winning second place, Black vote key to Chicago mayoral election...

CHICAGO ( - An untested Rahm Emanuel backed by then-popular President Barack Obama swept into office when he ran for mayor of Chicago in 2011. It may not be so easy in this year’s race for mayor, according to some of the city’s Black political analysts.
Mr. Emanuel overcame five challengers, including three Blacks and two Latinos, in the 2011 election to win the city’s top job by garnering 55 percent of the vote. But the closure of 50 public schools, unpopular ticket-generating red light and speed cameras and the city’s $26.8 billion unfunded pension liability may weigh heavily in the Feb. 24 city election.

That, the analysts said, makes Mr. Emanuel vulnerable to defeat, especially if the first-term mayor is forced into a runoff.

Those challenging the mayor are jockeying to position themselves to force that runoff. In Chicago’s non-partisan election, candidates for office do not declare political affiliations. But a mayoral candidate must get 50 percent of the votes plus one to win the election. If not, the top two vote getters will face a runoff election in April.

Mr. Emanuel faces four challengers just as diverse in 2011. Among them is philanthropist and businessman Willie Wilson, who is Black, Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, a Latino, City Council alderman Bob Fioretti, who is White, and William “Dock” Walls, also Black. Mr. Fioretti said a runoff is the best way to unseat the mayor. But in recent mayoral debates, he and Mr. Garcia seemed to be jostling one another to be that second top vote getter. Mr. Fioretti said he has a vision for the city that’s more inclusive, where every resident has safe streets and strong neighborhoods.

“I think we need a mayor who is going to be tough but fair, and I am that candidate,” said Mr. Fioretti, who is part of the City Council’s Progressive Reform Caucus and has opposed the school closings and red light cameras. Mr. Walls, who has run for mayor twice before, wants to win the mayoral race outright. Mr. Walls said his campaign represents the 99 Percenters—the homeless, the disabled, senior citizens and disadvantaged youth.
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Our law firm, Elliot R. Zinger, P.C., will provide you with experienced and aggressive attorneys who will protect your rights, serve your best interests and represent you with the integrity and professionalism you deserve.
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I and thousands of other African-Americans are 4 Rahm. According to the Chicago Tribune article front page story " MAYOR edges closer to 50% plus 1" and I quote " THE POLL (APC Research poll conducted February 11-15, 2015) points to African-American voters as a KEY GROUP in deciding whether Emanuel avoids a runoff."

I've Endorsed, supported and campaign for the re-election of Mayor Rahm Emanuel as early as OCT. 8, 2015.

It's wonderful that President Obama who is an African-American supporter of Mayor Rahm , is going into the 9th Ward where Alderman Beale is also an African-American supporter of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and into a community where the President of the A. Phillip Randloph Pullman Porter Museum is an African-American supporter of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, is a young man named David A. Peterson Jr.

The Museum was Founded by Dr. Lyn Hughes.
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Rep. Bobby Rush Backs Emanuel for Re-Election...

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel received another big endorsement Monday in his campaign for re-election. Following endorsements from the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Tribune, Crain’s Chicago Business and, most recently, Sen. Dick Durbin, it appears Rep. Bobby Rush is also backing Emanuel.

3 Things at Stake for Chicago in Mayoral Election “In the coming years, our city will face tremendous challenges. We always have and we always will,” Rep. Rush said.

"Mayor Rahm Emanuel has the tenacity, the ability, the commitment, and the experience necessary to face these challenges head on. So, I'm pleased to step out from the ranks of the undecided. I stand here to today to offer my firm support and my endorsement of Rahm Emanuel as the Mayor of Chicago."

Emanuel has also received backing from President Barack Obama, who voiced his support in a radio ad...  
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Wallace “Gator” Bradley, the urban translator, is a living legend who has gone from living in a Illinois Department of Corrections prison to visiting the White House to discuss curbing urban violence with then U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Bradley, the activist and entrepreneur, with the help of Dr. SaFiya D. Hoskins, has written an autobiography that details his remarkable life. His book, Murder to Excellence: Growth & Development for the Millennial Generation has a foreword from Dr. Cornel West and endorsements from notable people such as Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., Rhymefest, Rev. Al Sharpton, Congressman Maxine Waters, and Lupe Fiasco.

In an exclusive Bean Soup Times interview, Gator discusses his life, how former Death Row inmate Arron Patterson helped him launch a career as an urban translator, and why he’s supporting Mayor Rahm Emanuel for re-election this month.

Having witnessed and chronicled many of the newsworthy items he details in his book, this reporter appreciates his truthful approach to recounting various events. Additionally, he offers insight into his decision making process that reveals his integrity and loyalty.

During Black History Month, take time to listen to this interview and purchase his book.
Click To Read More & Listen To Audio Interview Click Here To Get Your Copy of The Book Today!
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