Friday, February 6, 2015
Anthony McIntyre & Wallace Gator Bradley Inter View...
This interview showcases the proof postive lives of both Wallace Gator Bradley and Anthony McIntyre, bothe men who at one tome in thier lives were incarcerated. They are working diligently in the Community to turn the tide on Senseless Shootings and Killings of African Americans by African Americans, Chicago law enforcement or anyone else.

Wallace Gator Bradley, the Urban Translator spoke about 21st Century vote and how that movement was the stimulous for United In Peace, Inc. the organiztion of which Mr. Bradley is President, community and political activist.

Incidients of murder against African Americans committed by the police departments acro0s America was discussed openly and honestly.

Overall it is an interesting interview with a grassroots perspective and worthy of viewing critically.
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Alex Haley Academy Coat Drive - Produced by Percy L. Julian High School from CPS/CTE Media Communication Arts... 

Annual Coat Drive held at Alex Haley Academy sponsored by Wells Fargo. This event was covered by TV Broadcast Tech. students.
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Elliot R. Zinger P.C. Experience, Legal Talent and Perseverance to Serve Your Best Interests...
Our law firm, Elliot R. Zinger, P.C., will provide you with experienced and aggressive attorneys who will protect your rights, serve your best interests and represent you with the integrity and professionalism you deserve.

With almost 35 years of litigation experience in both Illinois and Federal Courts, our firm has represented thousands of citizens seeking justice through litigation in both civil and criminal cases. Our law firm has consistently attained outstanding results for those who have been wrongfully accused, severely injured or discriminated against in the Chicago area and in other jurisdictions nationwide.

Our firm concentrates in representing persons who’ve been charged with serious criminal cases or severely injured or killed as a result of negligence. The firm has been involved in many nationally publicized cases.
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Rauner announces who can grow and sell medical marijuana in Illinois...
The marijuana seeds can soon be planted. In a move that surprised advocates of the medical marijuana program, Gov. Bruce Rauner’s administration on Monday announced it would issue most of the coveted licenses to grow and sell the medical product.

The move came amid fears Rauner would take months to determine who should be awarded the new state licenses. Patients and medical marijuana advocates lauded the governor for taking swift action on the licenses, allowing the medical marijuana program to gain momentum. “The fact that Gov. Rauner didn’t sit on it forever, it shows class,” said Jim Champion, an Army veteran with multiple sclerosis who advocated for the legalization of medical marijuana.

The process fell to Rauner after his predecessor, former Gov. Pat Quinn, left office without announcing who could grow and sell Illinois pot. Quinn did that despite his administration producing a list of businesses recommended to land the coveted licenses to grow and sell medical marijuana, the Chicago Sun-Times first reported last week.
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(The Urban Translator)
Rahm Emanuel fundraising nears $30 million for mayoral race...
Early last year, Mayor Rahm Emanuel helped out developer Dan McCaffery by backing McCaffery’s controversial plan to transform the former Children’s Memorial Hospital site in Lincoln Park into apartments, condos and stores.

After the Chicago City Council approved the project in April 2014, McCaffery, his wife and an executive with his McCaffery Interests development company contributed $65,900 to the mayor’s campaign fund between June 30 and Nov. 24. Asked whether there was a connection between his projects getting approved and the contributions to Emanuel, McCaffery says, “Never. No way.”

It’s not the only time Emanuel has gotten campaign contributions from people who have benefited from actions he or city agencies or pension funds have taken, according to a Chicago Sun-Times examination of the nearly $30 million amassed so far by: the mayor’s campaign committee; a second campaign fund he controls; and a super PAC that supports Emanuel and aldermanic candidates he backs. About 5 percent of that total — $1.7 million — has come from developers; from employees of companies that do business with City Hall, city pension funds or city agencies; and from Chicago’s two financial exchanges, which Emanuel has supported by speaking out against proposals that would tax stock and futures trades.
Click Here To Read More... I and other African-Americans support the re-election of Rahm for Mayor because he has the reach, associations, connections and resources to help turn the tide against Senseless Shootings and Killings of African-Americans by anyone especially another African-American.

I agree with President Obama...
(The Urban Translator
Sneed exclusive: Obama cuts radio ad for Rahm's re-election...
Sneed has learned President Barack Obama has cut a radio ad for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s re-election campaign that is set to hit the airwaves Monday. The ad comes on the heels of a recent Emanuel campaign poll that shows him with a lead among African-American voters.

The one-minute ad begins: “This is Barack Obama. . . . Chicago is my home. It’s the place that made me who I am. That’s why I care so deeply about who leads our city.”

It cautions of our mayor: “Let’s be honest, at times the guy can be a little hard-headed.”

The POTUS pitch also includes the reason for Rahm’s volatility. “He loves our city, and he believes every child in every neighborhood should have a fair shot at success,” Obama states.

That’s “why he fights as hard as he does.” It ends: “If you want a mayor who does what is right, not just what’s popular, who fights night and day for the city we love, then I hope you’ll join me.

Vote for Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday, February 24!” The ad is a clear pitch to woo African-American voters angered by the mayor’s school closings. Four candidates are angling for his job, two of whom are African-Americans.
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The reason I support the re-election of 34th Alderman/ Madam Chair for re-election is because she has the heart and the leadership to work inclusively with the Mayor and the community to help turn the tide against Senseless Shooting and Killings. " Check out this story:
Emanuel launches body-cam pilot to rebuild trust between citizens and police... 
Chicago Police officers who volunteer to wear body cameras in the Shakespeare District will launch a long-awaited pilot program this week aimed at rebuilding trust between citizens and police in neighborhoods overrun by gang violence, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said he chose the Shakespeare District because it’s a multi-cultural “melting pot” and a good place to “work out the kinks.” McCarthy refused to say how many officers would wear the body cams or how long the pilot would last.

But he’s confident the “very expensive” experiment will be a success. “Everybody acts better when it’s on film — whether it’s the individual you’re speaking to or the officers themselves,” the superintendent said. “Where it’s been used across the country, complaints against officers have dropped dramatically.

And it will clear up those issues where it becomes a he-said, she-said. Because now we have video evidence of it.” While the pilot will be limited to volunteers, McCarthy acknowledged that there are pockets of resistance. “There’s two things people don’t like: the way things are and change. Any time you change, you get some resistance. There’s a little bit of trepidation, but they’re coming around,” the superintendent said.
Click Here To Read More... "What we have done in the UNITED IN PEACE ZONE, warrants the deliverance of the longed-promised " wrap around city services" to these zones ( he calls them impact zones).

Setting the stage for " long -term economic development" that empowers local residents to control their own neighborhoods.

The 22nd District Commander Godsel can attest to our work at rebuilding trust between citizens and police in the neighborhood from 107th -119th between Halsted and Longwood, that used to be overrun by Gang violence.

The Mayor could guarantee the fact that he intends to keep his promise, by letting it be known that the services will come to this zone in the 34th Ward.

This is an URBAN/PUBLIC SAFETY AGENDA I'm asking African-Americans across the city of Chicago to Re-Elect all the African-American Aldermen excluding the 7th Ward.

I am supporting Flora " Flo" Digby.  Re-Elect the Mayor.

I'm with the President. He (The Mayor) may be a hard head at times, but I believe that he sees the big picture. In order for him to provide the leadership needed to make this a better city, he must be about what he says he is,  and that is being inclusive."
Exonerations Of The Wrongfully Convicted Hit Record High In The U.S. In 2014...
CHICAGO, Jan 27 (Reuters) - The number of U.S. criminals exonerated in 2014 climbed to a record high of 125, in part because of efforts by prosecutors willing to admit their offices made mistakes, according to a report released on Tuesday. The states with the most exonerations last year were Texas, New York and Illinois, according to the National Registry of Exonerations, a project of the University of Michigan Law School. This was the first time the Registry, which has tracked exonerations since 1989, found more than 100 in a single year. Evidence that frees a prisoner may include DNA linking another person to the crime and evidence of perjury. In one case, Ohio native Ricky Jackson spent 39 years in prison for murder - making him the longest-held U.S. prisoner to be exonerated. He was freed last November after the witness admitted he hadn't seen the crime.

Lake County State's Attorney Michael Nerheim (Seen in the photo on the left with Community Activists/Proponents of Righting Legal Injustices Anthony McIntyre and Wallace "Gator" Bradley), whose office covers the northern suburbs of Chicago, started an independent panel made up of retired judges, defense and civil rights attorneys to review cases. He said prosecutors should be leading the charge against wrongful convictions.
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Convicted child killer to get DNA test in 1992 case...
The Cook County state’s attorney’s office agreed Wednesday to conduct DNA tests on blood and hair found on the body of a young boy murdered more than two decades ago. Mark Maxson was sentenced to life in prison in 1994 for killing a 6-year-old boy on the South Side.

Maxson had previously been convicted in the gang rape of a woman. At the sentencing in the murder case, Judge Daniel Locallo said Maxson treated Lindsey Murdock, a first-grader in the Roseland neighborhood, like a “piece of garbage.” Maxson was convicted of beating, sexually assaulting and choking Lindsey, who also was stabbed with broken glass before his body was dumped under debris in an abandoned garage in 1992.

At his sentencing, Maxson told the court that Chicago Police detectives coerced his confession and he was represented by incompetent public defenders. He also said the jury misunderstood the evidence. “All of the evidence belonged to someone else,” he said at the time. “I am charged with a crime I did not commit.” Maxson, now 53, continues to insist he’s innocent.

His attorneys, Elliot Zinger and Larry Dreyfus, have persuaded the Conviction Integrity Unit of the state’s attorney’s office’s to perform DNA tests on the evidence from Lindsey’s murder.
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Wrongfully convicted Connecticut man awarded $6 million in compensation...
Text A Connecticut man who spent 21 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of rape and murder was awarded $6 million on Thursday in the first such payout by the state. Kenneth Ireland, who was found guilty at age 18 of raping and murdering a woman, was released in 2009 after DNA tests exonerated him.

The tests led instead to the conviction of Kevin Benefield, who had known the victim, Barbara Pelkey. Benefield was sentenced to 60 years in prison. Ireland, now 44, said on Thursday through the office of his attorney, William Bloss, that the payment "ensures my security and affords me some room to explore the world and see things I've missed." "It still hasn't completely registered yet," he said. "I'm still trying to wrap my head around it all.”

It is the first-ever award made by the state's Office of the Claims Commissioner since such compensation was approved in 2008 by the state legislature. "He experienced 21 years of violence, sleepless nights and the constant fear and hopelessness that he would die in prison as an innocent man," Claims Commissioner J. Paul Vance wrote in a report. "I offer my sincerest apologies to Mr. Ireland for the burden that he was forced to suffer and I wish him the best of luck," Vance wrote. Governor Dannel Malloy, who has appointed Ireland to the state Parole Board, in a statement said he "is not only without bitterness, but is incredibly thoughtful, insightful and committed to public safety and service."

(Editing by Ellen Wulfhorst; Editing by Sandra Maler)
Potential mayoral debate questions leaked to Garcia campaign...
The Super Bowl was preceded by the “Deflategate” controversy. Thursday’s forum in the race for mayor of Chicago has “Debategate.” Notes and potential questions for that debate, sponsored by the League of Women Voters, ABC and Univision, were leaked to the campaign of Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, potentially giving Garcia a leg up on the competition.

All of the candidates were informed of the breach late Tuesday in a letter signed by League of Women Voters Executive Director Mary Schaafsma, Jennifer Graves, vice president and news director of ABC 7 Chicago, and Univision News Director Teri Arvesu. “Some working notes, referred to as ‘early thoughts,’ which included possible questions for the candidates participating in our Feb. 5 Chicago mayoral debate, were leaked to one of the campaigns today,” the letter stated.

“In the interest of fairness, we have decided to share the notes with all of the campaigns. Again, we’d like to clarify that these are early notes and only suggested questions, which may or may not be the final questions asked in this debate.” The leaked document included a potential question for Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd): “Are you running for mayor because your aldermanic ward was mapped out of existence?”
Emanuel goes on offensive in mayoral TV debate...
Mayor Rahm Emanuel and three challengers met for the first televised forum of the campaign Wednesday, but it was a controversy involving a debate set for Thursday that dominated the day's news.

ABC-Ch. 7, the League of Women Voters and Univision, which are putting on the Thursday night debate, sent the campaigns a letter saying some "working notes" that included "possible questions for the candidates" were leaked to a campaign Tuesday.

On Wednesday, mayoral candidate Jesus "Chuy" Garcia's campaign released a statement saying it received the notes anonymously and that it made the sponsors aware of what had happened.
Governor of Illinois Takes Aim at Labor... "As an African-American 4 Quinn, I told people that there would be days like this. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! For allowing the Democratic State House and State Senate to be VETO PROOF!"
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Wallace “Gator” Bradley, the urban translator, is a living legend who has gone from living in a Illinois Department of Corrections prison to visiting the White House to discuss curbing urban violence with then U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Bradley, the activist and entrepreneur, with the help of Dr. SaFiya D. Hoskins, has written an autobiography that details his remarkable life. His book, Murder to Excellence: Growth & Development for the Millennial Generation has a foreword from Dr. Cornel West and endorsements from notable people such as Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., Rhymefest, Rev. Al Sharpton, Congressman Maxine Waters, and Lupe Fiasco.

In an exclusive Bean Soup Times interview, Gator discusses his life, how former Death Row inmate Arron Patterson helped him launch a career as an urban translator, and why he’s supporting Mayor Rahm Emanuel for re-election this month.

Having witnessed and chronicled many of the newsworthy items he details in his book, this reporter appreciates his truthful approach to recounting various events. Additionally, he offers insight into his decision making process that reveals his integrity and loyalty.

During Black History Month, take time to listen to this interview and purchase his book.
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