Thursday, March 12, 2015

Two police officers suffered "very serious" wounds after being shot early Thursday during a demonstration in Ferguson, Missouri, authorities said. Gunfire rang out as about 50 protesters and about 30 police officers remained outside the Ferguson Police Department shortly after midnight local time (1 a.m. ET) at a rally following the resignation of the embattled force's chief. St. Louis County Police Chief John Belmar said that it appeared the shots were "directed exactly at" the officers.

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who just last week said he wouldn’t change his political style to win the April 7 runoff election, looked right at the camera and offered as close as a mea culpa as he has to date.

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel is known for brute-force politics, but never before has he had to fight for his own political life. Now, facing a tough battle with challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia to stay in office, Emanuel is trying to smooth out his own rough edges while waging a four-week war with four goals: • Build a stronger field operation to boost voter turnout, particularly among white-ethnic and African-American voters.

Read More... THE URBAN TRANS LATOR SAYS,  "Every man has to come to  the realization that as much as it may pain us to do so, we all have to LOOK, LISTEN and LEARN from each other.

Others share the same passions as the Mayor does when it to comes to making this city safe, creating jobs, and educating the children. We must work together, united in peace.

I support Mayor Rahm Emanuel because I knew that he would began to show people that he was listening them. He made me aware of this when he took the time to listen to me at a meeting that was held on 35th and Michigan."

Leaders from Chicago city government, federal law enforcement agencies, faith groups and community organizations met privately today to discuss joint efforts to combat gun violence and strengthen communities.

Mayor Emanuel spoke after the meeting, clearly angered and frustrated by the violent episodes that take lives, frighten residents and injure citizens – even while Emanuel has increased efforts to stop the violence. “I am proud that we have more public safety resources because that’s a part of this. But we have to double up our resources in investing in our communities and our individuals so they can be on the trajectory of finding a job because that job is going to give the community and that individual the skills and the hope for a ticket to the middle class,” Emanuel said.

Many members of the panel said they were so impressed by today’s meeting that they plan to meet again, soon. Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said he is beginning to see tiny rays of hope coming out of the neighborhood.

Read More & See Video... THE URBAN TRANS LATOR SAYS,  "I read what the Mayor's campaign manager is saying but the point of the matter is this,  had he the campaign manager listened to African-American leaders such as myself and others, there wouldn't be a need for a run-off. So for the record, we don't want him to give the world the impression like he's coming with a new strategy when all he's doing is what was told to him by me and others.

I've personally been on this page or train of thought since Oct. 8, 2014 when I ENDORSED Mayor Rahm Emanuel to be re-elected. People were turned off because of what they felt was arrogance , classism, racism or just plain ignorance displayed by the campaign under his leadership. This is a quote from him; "The tactic is a contrast to Emanuel's approach before the first election, when his public campaign amounted to a series of carefully staged events that often lacked enthusiasm. Then, evidence of Emanuel meeting with voters at "L" stops and grocery stores only surfaced in the form of photos on his Twitter feed. Now, Emanuel's campaign invites reporters to view some of the interactions, with hopes the images resonate with a wider audience. "I think it's important for people to see he's out there working for their vote," Ruemmler said, acknowledging the change in strategy." "It's critical people understand that."

Somewhere I read or heard that 20/20 is Hindsight or something like that. The fact of the matter is this, he has to do what I and others have been saying long before a dollar was spent. I'm still SUPPORTING THE RE-ELECTION OF MAYOR RAHM EMANUEL because he has the  Urban/ Public Safety Agenda and the fact that he supports 34th Ward Alderman/ Madam Chair Carrie M. Austin's Job Ordinance that will be voted on at the March 17, 2015 City Council meeting." 

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An ordinance Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to propose — two weeks before the mayoral election — gives a nod to the long-simmering complaint by black community leaders that their neighborhoods rarely benefit from jobs and the economic impact of construction projects there, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned. Co-sponsored by City Council Budget Committee Chairman Ald. Carrie Austin (34th), the Project Area-based Subcontractor Ordinance seeks to spur jobs by offering incentives to prime contractors on city construction to hire subcontractors from the project’s neighborhood.

The bid preference initiative, to be introduced at the next City Council meeting on March 18, mirrors similar ordinances on the books that already offer those incentives to prime contractors who subcontract with city of Chicago firms. “There are construction projects taking place in all neighborhoods of the city.

This incentive is a way that these communities can benefit from the economic impact and jobs created by these projects,” Austin said.

Read More... THE URBAN TRANSLATOR SAYS,  "People may not like the TRUTH when they hear it, but one thing  is true, People do not like LIARS!

The people thank you 34th Ward Alderman / Madam Chair Carrie M. Austin."

CHICAGO (CBS) – A trio of City Council committees has overwhelmingly recommended the city take control of Park Distric land on the South Side if President Barack Obama chooses the University of Chicago’s bid for his presidential library and museum.

The university has proposed building the Barack Obama Presidential Library and Museum on one of two sites, either in Jackson Park or in Washington Park. At a joint meeting Wednesday, three City Council panels voted heavily in favor of the Emanuel administration’s plan to transfer about 20 acres of land in either park to the city if the Barack Obama Foundation picks the University of Chicago’s library bid.

“All we are asking the council to do today is approve the conveyance of land from the Park District to the city, should one or another of the South Side locations be selected by the library foundation,” Chicago Housing and Economic Development Commissioner Andrew Mooney said Ald. Leslie Hairston (5th), voted yes, but admitted a preference for Jackson Park, which is located in her ward.

“Either site would be fine, but again I am partial to that which sits in the 5th Ward. The opportunity here is tremendous. The Washington Park site is located in the neighboring 4th and 20th Ward

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Attorney Elliot R. Zinger of Elliot R. Zinger, P.C. and Wallace "Gator" Bradley, Urban Translator and President of the United In Peace, Inc. organization, discuss wrongful conviction cases in the United States and the revolutionary work that the State's Attorney's Integrity Units are doing nationwide, including the Cook County State’s Attorney's Office.

According to a recently published article, Illinois is now one of the three leading states in the United States exonerating wrongfully convicted men and women, along with New York and Texas. Also discussed is the case of Mark Maxson, a man who has been imprisoned for the past 23 years. Maxson's case involved the murder and rape of a young boy on the far South Side of Chicago...

If you or a loved-one has been wrongfully arrested or convicted of a crime, feel free to contact Attorney Elliot Zinger at: (312) 782-9464 or 

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Now that Jesus “Chuy” Garcia appears to be in striking distance of the mayor’s office, political operatives are exploiting the notion that a “black and brown” coalition could rule the day. But there’s little reason to believe a majority of black voters are suddenly going to jump on Garcia’s bandwagon. It’s going to take a lot more than promises and comparisons to the late Harold Washington’s historic campaign to convince a majority of African-Americans that a “black and brown coalition” is going to benefit them. That’s not because black people are jealous of Hispanics. But a lot of black people don’t understand how an ethnic group can come to this country and look down their noses at African-Americans, when the suffering that blacks endured through Jim Crow and segregation opened doors for other groups. Are blacks “resentful” of Hispanics, as my colleague Mark Brown suggests? I think that depends on class. Black people who have obtained a good education and have a career certainly aren’t looking over their shoulders to see how much progress Hispanics have made.

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Gator's son Thomas survived a life threatening gunshot and would like to thank all the well wishers and all who prayed for him during this troubling time. TGBTG.

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Great News! We were just informed that our youngest son Leviticus (who graduated Valedictorian from grammar School and was an exceptional highschool student academically and athlete in highschool) has been accepted to LSU!

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We are equally proud of our son Khadmiel who is a junior at Eastern Illinois University.

We're Blessed! To God Be The Glory!!!

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The Wallace "Gator Bradley, Urban Translator story, is truly one of varied experiences, reform, and personal success. Restoring hope in the capacity of the individual to change positively. To change by virtue of the exercise of will. depite the odds stacked against him, is nothing less than amazing.

Few men have had the fortitude to dare to make their mark on an often unforgiving society after having been deemed social monstrocities, misfits destined to be perpetually negative statistics of a downard spiral. Wallace Gator Bradley, former "Enforcer" of the notorious street gang known as the Gangster Disciples aka G.D.s, is such a man. Pardoned by former Illinois Governor Jim Thompson and has been moving forward ever since at the speed of a rising star. Gator attributes his tremendous turn-around to the mercy and grace of Almighty God, the life changing work entitled "The Blueprint," written by Larry Hoover, Founder of the G.D.s and the restructuring and transformation of the organization's purpose and direction, the "Growth and Development" Ideology and all of the wonderful people in his life who have been and continue to be a source of love, encouragement and support.  

Is to highlight many of the community issues that the UNITED IN PEACE, INC organization's leader, Gator Bradley, the Urban Translator has been compelled to address for the purpose of peace and positive change within the evolving, Black Communty, Nation-wide. It is the earnest aspiration of this ambassador of peace, that his life will be a light to our up and coming generations to know intuitively that the greatness within them must be recognized, nurtured, cultivated and shared in service of the whole community, wherein we are strategically planted. No matter what our pasts have been where there is life, there is hope. Feel free to browse the entire website, and enjoy. Tell your friends, family and associates to come to this website.

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