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Tuesday,  July 14, 2015
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Attorney Elliot R. Zinger of Elliot R. Zinger, P.C. and Wallace "Gator" Bradley, Urban Translator and President of the United In Peace, Inc. organization, discuss wrongful conviction cases in the United States and the revolutionary work that the State's Attorney's Integrity Units are doing nationwide, including the Cook County State‚Äôs Attorney's Office. If you or a loved-one has been wrongfully arrested or convicted of a crime, feel free to contact Attorney Elliot Zinger at: (312) 782-9464

Remember: THE URBAN TRANSLATOR went behind the walls to speak to inmates at the Federal Joint in Rochester Mn.


The people in the city of Chicago are questioning the Mayor's speech that he gave at the Chicago theater. Many are asking the question, " Why won't he meet with Wallace Gator Bradley and allow me to aide and assist him with his public safety agenda?"
They are also asking, "What's Ken's purpose as his Deputy Chief of Staff?"


"I agree with Mary Mitchell...  I'm of the opinion that if the media, the Mayor, business and spiritual leaders would support those of us who are working together United In Peace on the streets and behind the walls to get this message out  THAT THE SENSELESS SHOOTING OR KILLING OF ANYONE , ESPECIALLY OUR ELDERS AND BABIES ARE NO LONGER TOLERATED AND THOSE WHO DO THIS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HIDE AMONG US,  only then will they know that we are for real!"


"I support and Endorse Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth in her efforts to be elected the next U.S. Senator to represent the State of Illinois., One of the reasons is because she was very vocal when U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk signed that letter that was sent the Iranian Government trying to disrupt President Obama's plan with other World Leaders and Iran to make sure that Iran will not have a N-BOMB."

"To God Be The Glory"

 "REDEMPTION is Gospel to me...  I've heard so many Holy men of the cloth give the story about how Saul became Paul and how other men weren't always the men they became after Divine intervention/transformation. So I personally find it strange that anyone would be against a young man who is trying to do the right thing once he realizes what he was doing wrong. Hell, some of those, nay saying,  anti-solutionist individuals are in the Mayor's ear, telling him that he shouldn't meet with me and others who could really aide and assist him with his Public Safety Agenda.

On June 25, 2015, Andrew Holmes and I were presented with a Resolution adopted by the City Council of the City of Chicago signed by the Mayor and the members of the City Council for the work that we did to help catch the man responsible for killing Betty Howard. Betty Howard was the 58 year old, special education case manager at Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep who was tragically killed May 29, 2014 by Senseless gunfire while working a second job as a realtor on 79th street in the Chatham community. Ttwo other innocent victims were injured by the spray of bullets.

We did this because we are genuinely concerned about the good people in our communities and it is simply, the right thing to do. We didn't get a dime but know this, we need to get paid to advise him. He needs to fire those that he is paying now,  because they are giving him the wrong advice! We see the results of their work (or the lack of work) everyday,  in the news. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"

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The Wallace "Gator Bradley, Urban Translator story, is truly one of varied experiences, reform, and personal success. Restoring hope in the capacity of the individual to change positively. To change by virtue of the exercise of will. depite the odds stacked against him, is nothing less than amazing.

Few men have had the fortitude to dare to make their mark on an often unforgiving society after having been deemed social monstrocities, misfits destined to be perpetually negative statistics of a downard spiral. Wallace Gator Bradley, former "Enforcer" of the notorious street gang known as the Gangster Disciples aka G.D.s, is such a man. Pardoned by former Illinois Governor Jim Thompson and has been moving forward ever since at the speed of a rising star. Gator attributes his tremendous turn-around to the mercy and grace of Almighty God, the life changing work entitled "The Blueprint," written by Larry Hoover, Founder of the G.D.s and the restructuring and transformation of the organization's purpose and direction, the "Growth and Development" Ideology and all of the wonderful people in his life who have been and continue to be a source of love, encouragement and support.  

Is to highlight many of the community issues that the UNITED IN PEACE, INC organization's leader, Gator Bradley, the Urban Translator has been compelled to address for the purpose of peace and positive change within the evolving, Black Communty, Nation-wide. It is the earnest aspiration of this ambassador of peace, that his life will be a light to our up and coming generations to know intuitively that the greatness within them must be recognized, nurtured, cultivated and shared in service of the whole community, wherein we are strategically planted. No matter what our pasts have been where there is life, there is hope. Feel free to browse the entire website, and enjoy. Tell your friends, family and associates to come to this website.

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